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Managing the Agents

Updated on : April 27, 2022

The “Agents” is listed under the Users and Permissions option in the admin module.

The agent’s list

It has a list of all agents in an organization.

AllConsists of all agents irrespective of the category.
ActiveConsists of verified and unverified agents.
VerifiedConsists of verified agents.
UnverifiedConsists of unverified agents.
DeactivatedConsists of the deactivated agents.

The following are fields available in the agent list table:

  • The name of the agent along with the email ID and whether the agent is available or not.
  • The role of the agent.
  • Last seen of the agent.
  • The status of the agent.
  • The options that can be done on each agent.


Various actions to perform on the agents are available.

You can view each agent’s profile by clicking the View Profile option.

Impersonating – Use this option to assume the identity of another agent for troubleshooting purposes. Whenever an agent is impersonated a log is also recorded in audit logs.

Note: You cannot impersonate an agent who has one permission in the admin module.

Set as available –allows you to change the availability of the agent.

Note: Only available agents are considered in the auto-assignment process.

When an agent forgets his or her password, the send reset password email option can be used. This option sends an email to the respective agent with a link to reset his or her password.

Click the Deactivate option to deactivate the agent. After deactivating, the agent will not be able to log in unless reactivated.
Note: Deactivated agents are not considered in billing

For unverified agents, an extra option is available. The Verify Manually option allows you to mark the agent as verified on their behalf.

The following options are also available:

  1. Adding a new agent.
  2. Searching agents using name and email.
  3. A filter for filtering out the required values.

Accessing the agent’s module

To access the agents in the admin module, the user should enable the Manage agents permission.

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