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Managing Tags

Updated on : April 27, 2022

Tags are labels that can be attached to tickets, contacts, and contact groups. Tags are a powerful feature that can be used for categorization, filtering, or automation. In the Admin center, there is a module available to manage tags.

Options are available to

  • Create a tag
  • Rename a tag
  • Remove a tag

Tags List

The table contains a list of all tags of an organization irrespective of the tickets, contacts, and contact groups. Any user can create a tag. All tags created by the user is listed in the admin module. The number of tickets, contacts, and contact groups associated with a  tag can be found on the table.

Renaming/Editing a tag

The edit option is used to change the name of the tag.

Note: The edit tag option allows you to edit the tag’s name in all places, so the tickets, contacts, and contact groups associated with the tag will not be changed.

Deleting a tag

Deleting a tag will completely remove the tag from the associated tickets, contacts, and contact groups.

Using tags in ticket/contact/contact group module

You can set a tag while creating a ticket.

You can also add a tag using the Details page, after creating a ticket.

For contacts and contact groups, tags can be set at the creation time or in the edit section.

Searching for a ticket by tags

Basic and advanced search supports can filter a ticket by using tags.

For accessing the Tags module, an agent must have a role with “Manage Tags” permission enabled.

Also, to restrict new tags creation and removal of existing tags from a ticket, you should enable the related permission checkbox in the Tickets module as shown in the following screenshot.

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