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Managing Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Settings

Published on : March 10, 2022

The customer satisfaction survey is used to get feedback from the customer for provided service. This survey helps to determine the customers’ point of view and retain your customers by providing an appropriate service.

To customize the satisfaction survey settings, go to Agent Portal > Admin Module > Satisfaction Survey.
You can customize the rating page shown to customers in the customer portal. These settings support you to specify when the rating links should be appended to the customer emails.

To use the Satisfaction Survey feature, you should enable the following settings.

After enabling, a rating section will be appended at the bottom of the email sent to the customer.

You can customize the customer portal rating page using this module.

Changing survey question

This text will appear in the customer portal as a survey question to receive suggestions from the customer about the service provided. You can customize the question text as required.

Changing Thank you message content

This acknowledge message will appear in the customer portal when the survey is completed.

You can modify the message content as desired.

Sending survey email

The rating section will be appended to emails in the following two ways.

Every reply – Includes a rating section in emails for every reply by an agent. It involves status change with/without reply.

Specific status change – Includes a rating section in emails only for certain specific status.

Changing rating scale

The rating scales can be provided in three different forms. They are
2 points scale
3 points scale
5 points scale
For each point, text content can be customized.

Changing Rating Scale Text

Rating scale text can be changed by clicking on the rating scale text to be changed and entering the text as required.

After updating the required fields, click the Update button at the bottom to update the changes.

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