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Link Jira Issue with BoldDesk Ticket

Updated on : April 12, 2022

Link the tickets with existing Jira issues by searching the issue key, which allows you to access issues details within BoldDesk. Linking helps the support team stay up to date with the progress of the customer-reported issues.

Follow the given steps to create a connection between a Jira issue and the BoldDesk ticket:

  1. Navigate to the ticket to be linked and click Apps in the left sidebar. And open the Jira Software app.

Apps Section


2. Click Link Task and type the Jira issue key and click search. The matched issue will be displayed.

Search Issue


4. Select the issue to link with the ticket.

Link Issue


5. The linked issue will be displayed as shown in the following.

Linked Issue


6. After linking the Jira issue, you can see more details by clicking the respective issue card.


Issue Details

1. Click the Unlink option in the respective linked issue to remove connection between the Jira issus and ticket.


2. Select the Unlink button to confirm.


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