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Keyboard Shortcuts for Improving Productivity

Updated on : September 1, 2022

Using keyboard shortcuts will help in improving the agent’s productivity. Following are the shortcuts available for the agent portal.

Shortcut dialog can also be accessed from the help menu

Keyboard Shortcuts Tab
Keyboard Shortcuts Tab

Global Shortcuts (can be used from any page)

DescriptionShortcut Key
Go to Ticket Moduleg+t
Go to Contact Moduleg+c
Go to Admin Moduleg+a
Go to Home Pageg+h
Go to the Reports moduleg+r
Form SubmitCtrl + Enter
Global Search/
Toggle Left Sidebar[
Toggle Right sidebar]
Open Shortcut DialogShift + ?

Ticket Module

DescriptionShortcut Key
Add Replyr
Add Notesn
Log Workl
Toggle Watchw
Create Ticketc
Change Assigneea
Change Tagt
Change Statuss

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