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Installing And Configuring The Jira App

Updated on : March 25, 2022

The Jira integration helps the support team and product engineers to work together and know the up-to-date status of issues.

Simple procedure for integrating Jira with BoldDesk

    1. Create a link between an existing issue and tickets.
    2. Sync issues such as comments, status, and priority with tickets.
    3. View Jira issue details such as status priority on the ticket page.

Install and configure the Jira App

To install the Jira app, follow the given steps:

1. Click Admin menu > Marketplace.

2. Search and select the JIRA Software.

3. Click Install.

4. Enter the Jira Base URL, Username, and API Key in the appropriate fields and click Next after verifying your Jira account.

Note: The Jira account should have admin access to create and edit issues and manage Jira webhooks.

5. Select the actions to be executed when a BoldDesk event occurs or vice versa.

6. Choose Jira projects and fields from the list and map their status and priority.

7. Click Save.

Configure sync actions

You can control the syncing of data between Jira and BoldDesk by selecting actions.

Status sync

When updating the status of a ticket, you can select an action to update the status of Jira issues and vice versa.

Priority sync

When updating the priority of a ticket, you can select an action to update the priority of Jira issues and vice versa.

Comments sync

When you add a private note or update the status/priority of a ticket, you can select an action to add a comment to Jira issues and vice versa.

Configuring Jira mapping

Mapping projects

The data from the selected projects can only be linked and synchronized data with tickets.

Mapping fields

The chosen Jira fields can only be viewed in a ticket. A maximum of 10 fields are available.

Mapping status

To sync the status with tickets, map the Jira status to the BoldDesk status.

Mapping priority

To sync the priority with tickets, map the Jira priority to the BoldDesk priority.

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