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How to permanently delete a contact

Updated on : December 14, 2022

To meet GDPR compliance requirements, you may have to delete a contact and its details permanently.  To delete a contact permanently, you should first soft delete a contact. When a contact is permanently deleted, all the tickets requested by the contact and the details of the contact will be deleted permanently.

Note: Only the contacts that are soft deleted can be permanently deleted.

Soft Delete vs Permanent Delete

Soft Delete: The user will be marked as deleted and will be restricted from accessing  the portal, but the user’s information will be available in the portal. It can be restored back any time.

Permanent Delete: The user’s information will be removed completely from the database. It is not recoverable once deleted.

Permanently Deleting Contacts

Deleting the contact permanently is a two-step procedure, namely:

  1. Delete (soft delete) the contact
  2. Delete the contact forever

The contacts that are deleted permanently cannot be reverted, so you should be cautious while deleting contacts permanently.

After deleting the contacts permanently , all the tickets requested by the contact will be deleted permanently. If a user has commented on some other person’s requested ticket, the comment will not be deleted, instead it will show as “Deleted User has commented”. The user will not be identifiable.

The contact will be anonymized, and the replies, survey ratings updated by the deleted contact will be considered as a reply from the Deleted User.

Ticket conversation describing how deleted user name is displayed
Ticket conversation

All the following contact’s information l will be erased from database:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Job Title
  • Address
  • All custom field values

Note: The user can sign up as a new contact with the same email that was deleted permanently.

How to delete a contact permanently?

Follow the given steps to delete contact permanently:

Go to Contacts Module and select Deleted View.

  1. Open the contact you want to delete permanently and Click on the more options icon. Select the Delete Forever option to open a pop-up  listing the actions that will be performed on the contact deletion process.
  2. Click on the Delete Forever option to  delete the contact permanently.
Deleted contacts list
Deleted contacts list
Contact details
Contact details
Delete contact forever dialog box
Delete contact forever dialog box

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