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How to Export Tickets from the Agent Portal

Updated on : July 22, 2022

Ticket export

BoldDesk provides an option to export the tickets from the ticket listing page. The export process occurs based on the current ticket page filter. You have the option to select the system and custom fields for exporting. When you have given export, it will be queued and processed, and you will receive an email with a file download link from your support email address.


  1. A maximum of 1,000 records will be exported.
  2. Only the requested user can download the file.
  3. The generated link will be valid for two days from the generation date.

Steps for exporting the tickets from agent portal

1. Navigate to the ticket listing page in the agent portal and click Export from the top panel.

Ticket Listing Page
Ticket Listing Page

2. Choose the required file format and fields from the following.

  • Export File Format – These are the supported file formats.
    • Excel
    • CSV
  • Fields – These are the fields you can export.
    • Ticket Fields
    • Contact Group Fields
    • Contact Fields

   Note: The export file is generated using the current page filter and sorting.

3. Click the Export in the pop-up after selecting the export file format and fields.

Export Pop-up
Export Pop-up

After the export is successfully queued, you will receive the following toast message.

Toast Message
Toast Message

The request will be queued and processed. When the export process is completed, you will receive an email with a download link of the export file from your support email address.

Download Link Confirmation Email
Download Link Confirmation Email

4. Click the download link (Ticket_Report_1641361161) to download the desired file directly.

Downloaded File
Downloaded File

When you try to open an invalid or expired download link, you can see the following error page.

Exported Link Error Page
Exported Link Error Page

When you try to open the download link of another user, you will be ended with the following error page.

Another Users Login Error Page
Another Users Login Error Page


1. Can we share the received export links with other users?

No, the file can be downloaded by the requested user alone. Instead, you can download the file and share it.

2. Can we export the system predefined view?

Yes, we can export.

3. What is the maximum number of records to be exported in a single export?

A maximum of 1,000 records can be exported.  If records exceed more than 1000, you can split them by applying date filters and downloading them as multiple files.

4. How long export link will be active?

The export link will be valid for two days from the generation date.

5. Is it possible to receive an export instantly?

It depends on the number of requests created at a time. When more users are requested at the same time, it will be queued and processed.  So, you will receive the file with some delay.

6. In the agent portal, whether all user roles able to export?

Yes, the export is available for all user roles in the agent portal.

7. In which mailbox will I receive the export link?

You will receive an email from your configured support email address.

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