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How to Dynamically Show or Hide a Field in a Form using Field Display Conditions

Published on : May 2, 2022

Field display conditions can be used to hide or show a field in a form based on certain specified conditions. For example, in the following image, the field Zip Code is configured to display only when the Country is set to USA, hence the field is not visible in the form until the country value is set to USA.

Note: You can add up to 5 conditions by clicking the Add new condition button. If multiple display conditions are added, they will be considered as the “And” conditions. For example, all conditions should be satisfied for a field to appear in the form.

The field display condition cannot be applied if the mapped parent field is deleted, deactivated or not added in the form. For example, if the Country field is deleted, deactivated or not present in the form, the Zip code field is always displayed.

The field display configuration is common for both the agent and customer portal.

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