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How to Manage and Personalize Email Notifications

Updated on : September 1, 2022

You can manage and customize all of the email notifications that are sent from your BoldDesk portal.

Enable/Disable Email Notifications:

  1. Go to Admin page
  2. Open Email Notifications option
  3. By default, all options are enabled.
  4. By selecting that checkbox, you can enable or disable email notifications.

Personalize the Email Template:

You can modify the content to match the branding of your company. You can also change the basic HTML styles of your emails.

  1. Click the edit icon next to the notification you want to change.
  2. You can customize the email subject and body text here.
  3. To dynamically customize the content, various placeholders can be used. More information on placeholders is available here.
  4. Using the insert placeholders option, you can use system/custom placeholders to load values dynamically while sending emails.

The following HTML customizations will be supported by the template:

  • Inline images like logos for signature or company logo
  • Tables
  • links
  • Text formatting
  • Changing font Colors

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