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How to Forward and Verify Emails in BoldDesk

Updated on : September 1, 2022

Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to automatically forward all incoming emails in one account to another. Using this feature, you can convert all incoming emails to tickets and process them. Please follow the steps below to enable email forwarding in BoldDesk.

  1. To enable email forwarding, you must first add the new support email address. For those steps, please see this article.
  2. After adding the support email, BoldDesk will generate an email that must be the destination email account to which your emails will be forwarded. Go to your email account and copy that email.

In this article, I will explain for Gmail account:

  • Go to Gmail Settings page
  • Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Click the Add forward option and enter the copied BoldDesk email address
  • It will ask the Confirmation code to enable forwarding.
Gmail Settings Page
Gmail Settings Page
  • Go to your BoldDesk; the confirmation code email will be created as a ticket; copy the code and paste it into your Gmail settings.
Pending Tickets Page
Pending Tickets Page
  • Once added the code it will be enabled. You can choose if you want to keep the copy of the email in your inbox.
Forwarding and POP/IMAP Menu
Forwarding and POP/IMAP Menu
  • Don’t forget to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, the email forwarding settings will be disabled. That’s all done. You can now create your tickets via email.
  1. Return to the support email page via Admin -> Support Emails and finish the email verification process.
  2. Click the verify button next to your newly added email address, and BoldDesk will send a verification email. Using this Email forwarding rule, BoldDesk will read that email and verify it. You will see this confirmation message once you have been verified. You can now send and receive emails from your custom support email address.
Set Up Email Forwarding Dialog
Set Up Email Forwarding Dialog

Each email provider will have different email forwarding settings, which you can find here.

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