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Customizing Agent Portal General Settings

Updated on : April 24, 2022

For customizing the agent portal, several settings are available. To customize the settings, open Agent Portal > Admin Module and select the Agent Portal menu from the general settings tab.

Changing portal name

Changing the portal name will reflect in the tooltip shown in Logo and the page name in the browser.

Changing Logo and Favicon

The logo and Favicon of the agent portal can be changed to reflect your branding using the Logo and Favicon change option. The supported formats are mentioned inside it. The maximum size of the logo is 2MB and the favicon is 64KB.

Changing the Logo Linkback URL

If you want to link the logo to your site, you can fill in your site URL.

Changing sidebar color

Agent portal left navigation sidebar color can be changed by picking from any existing color or you can directly type the hex code to match your brandings.

Agent availability settings

By default, these settings are disabled. If you want agents to change their availability status by themselves organization-wide, then these settings can be enabled. So that, agents can change their availability status from the profile menu.

Note: Agent with available status will only be considered during the ticket round-robin assignment process.

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