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How to Configure Support Email Channel

Updated on : September 1, 2022

The default support email like is provided when you set up the BoldDesk account. For finding your instance default support email address refer to this faq. This default email can be shared with customers, and the emails received to this support inbox will be automatically converted as BoldDesk tickets. On successful ticket creation, the email notification will be sent to a requester and further communication can be handled in that email channel itself.

However, you may have a separate support email address with your business domain ( that your customers are aware of. You can forward your business support email to the BoldDesk default support email. After setting up the forwarding, all your support emails will be pushed to the BoldDesk and get converted as tickets. To learn more about enabling the email forwarding process, click here.

Follow the steps to view the default support email,

  1. Select the Admin module in the left panel.
  2. Choose Support Email from the Settings. The support email will be listed as follows.
Default Support Email
Default Support Email

You may have multiple departments (, or multiple products ( using their own support emails.  For this case, you can create multiple support email addresses in the BoldDesk.

Set up a new support email

Follow the steps to add a new support email,

  1. Select the Admin module in the left panel.
  2. Choose Support Email from the Settings
  3. Click the Add Email button and the following screen will be displayed.
New Support Email
New Support Email
  • Select the Brand to which the tickets belong.
  • Select the Category if required. This helps to assign tickets to a specific category.
  • Enter the email sender Display Name.
  • Select Email Type either default BoldDesk or custom email address(Your business email).
  • Enable email forwarding if you choose a custom email type.
  • Enter the Email Address to which your customer send email.
  1. Click Add.
Support Emails
Support Emails


  • After adding the support email, if it is BoldDesk email it will be verified automatically.
  • When you add custom email as support email, you should enable email forwarding and verify it. To learn about email forwarding and verification, click here.

If you don’t want to create a ticket for the emails received to this support email, you can click the Disable Ticket Creation option.

Disable Ticket Creation
Disable Ticket Creation

Click the Delete option to remove the support email. This action cannot be reversed.

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