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How to Change Organization-wide Default Ticket Preference

Updated on : October 12, 2022

For changing the default preferences of tickets in an organization-wide way, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Agent Portal and click the Admin module.
  2. Select the Agent Portal menu under SETTINGS and choose the Tickets tab.
Tickets Settings Page
Tickets Settings Page

Following preferences can be changed.

 Sort OrderThe default sorting order of updates shown on the ticket details page can be changed. It offers the latest on top or oldest on top.
 Ticket Layout  Displays the tickets in card (default) or grid view.
 Ticket ViewSets the view by which the tickets are displayed on the ticket list page. The default is All Tickets View.
Note: Private views cannot be set as Org-wide default view.
 Ticket per Page CountDisplays the specific number of tickets in card/grid view on a single page. The default value is 15.

In org-wide settings, agents can override their personal settings page based on their preference. If “inherit from global settings” is set, then org-wide settings will apply else agent personal preference will apply. For more details, refer to Personalizing agent portal settings.

Tickets Settings Option
Tickets Settings Option

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