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BoldDesk Marketplace

Updated on : September 7, 2022

The marketplace lists the supported third-party integrations in the BoldDesk. From the available apps, you can filter by category or search by its name. When you select an app, it takes you to the app details page, where you can learn more about it.

Follow the given steps to view the marketplace:

  1. Select the Admin module in the left menu.
  2. Choose the marketplace from the Apps menu to view the apps as shown in the following.
BoldDesk Marketplace
BoldDesk Marketplace

Install and configure the apps

Follow the given steps to install the apps:

  1. Select an app from the marketplace. The details screen will be displayed as follows;
    1. Overview tab displays the basic information and supported features.
    2. Installation tab shows details on how to install and configure.
    3. More Info section shows the app version, support email and other information.
Marketplace App Details
Marketplace App Details

2. Click the Install button in the top palette to open a configuration screen with the following section:

  1. Account (Connects with Jira account using API key)
  2. Action (Maps the triggers and action between BoldDesk and Jira)
  3. Mapping (Maps the status and priority and choose the Jira project to be linked)
App Installation
App Installation

3. Click the Save option to install the app in the BoldDesk and redirected to My Apps page.

Note: To find more about My-Apps page, click here.

Install and configure the custom apps

Along with the native integrations supported by the BoldDesk, you can add the custom app which helps to show additional information on ticket details page from your internal applications.

BoldDesk calls your HTTPS end-point URL and displays the response when you click the custom app in the apps section of the ticket detail page.

Note: To learn more about the Custom App, click here.

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