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How to Audit Logs

Updated on : October 12, 2022

Audit logs are records of a series of actions done in a specific event. It keeps complete track of activities and helps in monitoring data.

To find the audit logs, go to Admin Center and select Audit Logs under the General section.

Audit Logs Option
Audit Logs Option

Types of audit logs

The following types of logs are available:

  1. Activity logs – Logs the change actions done in the admin settings.
  2. Access logs – Logs the details about Login/Logout/Impersonation in the customer and agent portals.
  3. Webhook failure logs – Logs the failed attempts in webhook.
  4. Integration failure logs – Logs the 3rd party integration failures.

Activity logs

Activity logs contain details about specific events or operations, like what is changed and who made it.

The logs include the name and email ID of the user, the event’s time and date occurrence, the type and category of the event, a summary of the event, and some more details on the user.

For example, if you change any settings in general settings, the activity will be logged here with the above-mentioned details. This can be useful in many ways when monitoring.

You can filter the activity logs with date, event category, event type, or username.

Access logs

When a user logs in to an agent or customer portal, the login is recorded and shown in the access logs.

It records login, logout, and impersonation-related access of agent and customer portals.

The access logs provide details regarding,

  • Username
  • Date and time at which action occurred
  • The IP address of the user
  • The category that specifies the action occurred in the event,
  • The brand name in which the user did the action
  • The source of login denoting login type (Form login/name of the social login).

You can filter the access logs based on date, event category, and username.

Integration failure logs

Integration failure logs contain information about failed attempts to integrate apps. Many apps are available in the marketplace to integrate with the help desk. The failed integrations can be found in this tab.

These logs provide details regarding integration name, integration type, failure type, date, and the integration details in the table.

The failure logs can be filtered by the date and integration name.

Webhook Failure Logs

Webhook failure logs contain information on failed webhook attempts. These logs can be filtered by the date and Webhook name.

Accessing audit logs

To access audit logs, the user should enable the View audit logs permission in the roles and permissions section.

View Audit Logs Permission
View Audit Logs Permission

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