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Adding/Removing an Agent from the Ticket Watch List for Email Notifications

Updated on : April 25, 2022

Agents can be added to the watch list of tickets for receiving email notifications regarding updates in tickets. Watchers receive email notifications for updates in tickets like the assigned agent receives email notifications.

Note: Only a user whose account is an agent can be added to the watch list; customers/contacts cannot be added to the watch list. For customers, use the CC option instead of the watcher.

There are multiple ways of adding an agent to the watch list,

  1. Use the Watchers button to add/remove an agent.
  2. Use the shortcut key “w” to add/remove yourself from the watch list.
  3. @mention agent in ticket reply/notes message, @mentioned agents are automatically added to the watch list.

For removing a user from the watch list, use the Remove icon near the watcher’s name.

Tickets you are watching can be checked from the “Tickets I am Watching” view.

To add other agents to the watch list, an agent should enable the Add or remove other users as watcher option.

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