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Adding or Editing the Contacts Groups

Published on : April 26, 2022

Adding a new contact group

To add a new contact group, follow  the given steps:

  1. Open the contact groups module.
  2. Click the Create Contact Group button on the right to open a dialog.
  1. Enter the required fields and then click the Add button.
  1. To add a new custom field to the contact group, click the Configure Fields option. You can add these custom fields in the contact form. To use the Create Contact Group option, the admins should enable the Manage fields and forms permission.

Note: When you add domains to a contact group, all the contacts whose email addresses contain these domains will be automatically added to this contact group. For example, When you add the domain to the contact group. When a new contact with the email address is added, that contact is automatically mapped to the contact group whose domain is Each contact group should have a unique domain. The same domain cannot be added to multiple contact groups.

Editing a contact group

The Editing a contact group option allows you to make changes to the added contact groups. To edit a contact group, follow the given steps:

  1. Click the edit icon to open a dialog box with the previously added entries.
  2. Make changes as needed in the previous entries.
  3. After making changes, click the Update option to update the changes in the contact groups.

Permission for add or edit contact group

To access the add or edit contact group option, you should enable the Create or edit contact groups permission.

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